Stop Manteca Gangs

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Who We Are

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We are a police department that has a strong desire to address our gang issue. We understand that the problem will not go away overnight, but with the assistance of our community (parents, neighbors, youth, elected officials, faith based, and educators) teaming up with us, we can make a change.

Our mission and purpose is to educate the community at large in response to the increasing amount of gang activity and gang related violence that is occurring with in the City of Manteca. Manteca Police Department will be very active in enforcement and suppression toward gang members and gang activity in Manteca, but we also understand that we must make our children and citizens aware of the issue. We must educate our children of the danger of joining gangs.

Our hope is that this site will enlighten and encourage parents and community members alike on solutions to stop the violence and obtain prevention measures to stop youths’ initial gang involvement. In cooperation with local leaders and government, we will be able to enhance our community’s knowledge of gangs, and gang prevention.

MPD's Gang Unit is now on Facebook. 


Live it to the fullest

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Chaplain Aundre Hillery is reaching out to Manteca's youth with anti-gang rap music. Use the player on this page to listen, or ClICK HERE to download the song "Live It To The Fullest" in mp3 format.

New! Chaplain A. Hillery's new MPD gang rap song, "Right to Choose". Download HERE.


Enforcement - Education - Environment

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Chief Bricker’s first order of business is to address the gang issue within the City of Manteca.  The Task Force is an innovative public/private partnership dedicated to reducing gang and youth violence and its debilitating effects on the City of Manteca.


The overarching goals of the Chief’s Gang Prevention Initiative are:  

  • Reduce the number of gang-related crimes

  • Reduce the level of gang membership and activity

  • Mobilize the community into action to ensure that youth do not join gangs

  • Improve Community Capacity to address crime, violence, and gang activity

  • Identify resources, develop strategies, and design inter-agency programs which will improve services to youth that are gang involved or at risk of gang involvement



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     Manteca Police Department - Gang Unit




Do you have a tip? Let us know!
1001 West Center Street
Manteca, Ca 95336
(209) 239-8401


Manteca PD Gang Task Force

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What Is a Gang?

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GangThe California Penal Code Section 186.22 defines a criminal street gang as: “Any organization, association, or group of 3 or more persons, whether formal or informal, that commits one or more criminal acts listed in 186.22 PC as one of its primary activities; and uses a common name or common identifying sign or symbol; and whose members individually or collectively engage in or have engaged in a pattern of criminal gang activity.”

Right to Choose

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Live It To The Fullest

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